My Blood Test result shows…..

Get my blood test result at around 4.30pm. The result is much better than what I expect before. I think my body is getting weaker as my Sister visits me irregularly recently. Thank god, everything is fine except LDL cholesterol. :p Pathlab stuff advice me to do exercise regularly. Hehe…. So if you guys wanna do exercise, please count me in.ok?

I think the information which provides most vital value to me is blood type. Finally, after living 22 years in this world, I know my blood type is AB+. :)

Today feel extremely tired. This is the reason I type my post in English as it will save more times. I know my English is very poor. So please dun mind it.

Now I’m sitting under fan to dry up my hair. Going to zzz after my hair gets dry. Goodnight, everyone. Prepare to zzz now……

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